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Transforming yourself for 2014 Give me 30 days!

Over the course of the next month, everyone is going to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season, it affects us all somewhere along the line. Some people will get overly joyed, some will get overly depressed, and some will stay in the middle of the road, looking to change things in their life to make 2014 a much better year.  To all of you, I say keep reading…. you might find something to help you out along the way.

My teacher, mentor, friend is doing a 30 day challenge starting tomorrow, and I would love to challenge you all to join me in the 30 day journey to transform your life. All you need is an open mind, a willing spirit, courage, some cleaning supplies, a goal and the desire to change. Will it be easy, for some yes.. for others, maybe not. But the fun in it is that with a willing spirit, desire to change things,  an open mind, and belief, you will get results. Everyday for the next month, I will be here encouraging you along this journey as it is one that I am taking as well. I can offer insight, and help and will answer questions as I can. Here is the link to the program.

Click the above link and it will take you to the page to learn more about the challenge. (I am not taking credit for the material that you will read, now or in the future, nor am I claiming to have any rights to the material. I do, however, have permission from the Author to use links to her pages and reference to her and her material). Thank you Silver.

I know that there are some of you who will step back after looking over the challenge and say, “No thanks” that’s where the open mind comes in at. You have got to at least try to understand that we as humans have minds for a reason and that they are not to be shut down, because of something that we have read or heard. It’s all about having an open mind and a willingness to achieve the high potential that we all can achieve. But, it is up to each and everyone of us to take the first step. I can lead the horse to water, but I refuse to force water down anyone, except myself 🙂 I am a huge coffee drinker, that’s my water 🙂

This kind of reminds me of the movie, “Practical Magick” with Sandra Bullock, where the aunts have them call the school phone tree and tell everyone, “to grab your broom and come on over.” Except the results will be different and you are transforming yourself. Clearing the way for 2014 to bring blessings and good fortune to you in every way. The only requirement is that you believe.

Yes, the holidays will be hard for some, I am aware of that, but I will be here each and every day trying to offer insight that should perk you up a little. Maybe even a laugh or two along the way. Each day, starting tomorrow, I will do a two part blog, the first will be in reference to the 30 day challenge, then the second part will be about life in general. Who knows you may even teach me something along the way 🙂

So jump over to that link, (I will post it again at the bottom), get a feel for what we are doing, and sit back and see what happens and where the road leads from here on.

To answer a question that I have been asked privately, I will give more details about myself in a later blog.

Until tomorrow morning, Have a great day! Enjoy your coffee and believe in yourself, it makes life a little bit better.