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Playing catch up

Man,  am I learning a ton of lessons lately. First, never try to do a blog, work full time and have a part time job and attend classes and attempt to move all at the same time. It is unbelievable how something always falls through the cracks. When I think I have one thing under control, then something else bites me in the rear and says… hey you forgot about me. Well, I realized what has fallen along side the road so far, that is keeping up with this blog as far as the 30 day challenge goes, but rest assured, I will get caught back up, within a week. This is going to be more of a priority than just about anything else.

Ok, so when you find that there just isn’t enough hours in the day, what and how do you prepare to face everything head on and as a matter of fact. Well, you could start your day earlier, and stay up later which would give you a few more hours in the day, but I am here to tell you that it will only make you exhausted after a few days, and then you won’t get anything done for several days while you try to play catch up on your sleep. (Been there… done that).

So what is left, prioritize your list of projects for the day. If your dishes are running over on the floor and you need to use them to cook dinner, (or Lunch, or breakfast), then naturally you should wash the dishes first. Make your to-do list and go from there. Put a number on everything that needs to be done. Do the essential stuff first, then do a few other things as well. Start slow and just take one thing at a time. Before you know it, you will get caught up on your projects and it will make you closer to another goal.

Yes, I will get caught up on the challenge, watch I will get there probably tonight, or even tomorrow morning.. but I will get caught up. 🙂

Until then, back to my other chores…





Day 1 and 2/Making a wish board


Well Day 1 and Day 2 are already past in the 30 day challenge.

Day 1 was pretty easy, as it was to make a To Do list and throw away one thing that was broken that no one else would want. Sounds easy enough, right?  Wrong…. trying to decide if that old radio is still worth having around for the cassette tape player and CD player  was really hard. However, I did find something that was broken, missing a handle, was easy to pitch. What good is a coffee cup without a handle. It was the sentimental attachment that made it hard to part with. The second part of Day 1 was easy, speed clean for three minutes. Cat boxes here I came, both of them, then I cleaned the coffee pot, which never seems to have any time to cool off at my house. Then opps, I spent time doing dishes. You’d be surprised to see how many dishes you can get washed in three mins. Day 1 in the books!

Day 2

Yikes, this one was not so easy. The connections in our lives, with people, things, animals. I will say here, that there are some people in my life that it would be easy to “restructure” in one way or another. I would have to say my two cats,  could replace several people that I know. I really liked the connection between what goes on on the outside reflects what happens on the inside, and the reverse as well. I never thought about it that way and I am seeing things for the connection now. I thought that outside didn’t affect inside and inside didn’t affect outside, wow was I wrong about that. Its like the blinders have been removed and the more you think about it, the more that it has a profound affect on the way situations are handled.

Part 2, A sacred place… where to put it, where to put it. If you live alone and don’t have a lot of company around, then you have the reign to put it anywhere you would like. If you do not live alone, then you need to be a little more selective about where you put it. Just make sure the area is clutter free, which with me packing and relocating, it isnt easy, but it is somewhere safe. It is in my office. ok thats off the list 🙂

Part 3: Make one important goal, whether it be to finish the 30 day program just see what happens or whether it is something else, it is your personal goal. I got mine, do you have yours?

Part 4, make nine wishes. How hard is that? I have already made a wish board ( I will explain that in the second part of the blog today) and I love it. It allows me to actually see the things that I am wishing for and focuses energy on it everyday. Part 4 done 🙂

Part 5: Donate or throw out nine items… but, but, I just did that last week… awww shucks, I guess I have to get rid of more crap before I pack it 🙂

Part 6 How much cleaning can you do in five minutes? You would really be surprised at what you can do in five minutes.

So, now that I have given you just the highlights with my spin on it, for more details on this 30 Day Challenge, head over to the link below.

Two down, 28 more to go….


Making a wish board

Many of us, especially me, have things in our lives that we would like to have. A New car, a new book, a body to die for, (that’s a book by another author I like, no wait that one is “Food To Die For”, my bad … lol), A new broom, (another pun sorry), whatever it is that you are wanting find or draw a picture of it and glue it to the wish board. Put the wish board where ever you can see it a lot throughout the day. Every time you see it, speak out loud that the item is yours, claim it as if you already have it, before long and before you know it, you will have the item in your hands, well not if it’s a house or a car, that would be a little hard to hang onto in your hands, but you will own the item. Basically you are giving yourself permission to have the item. See that is easy enough to obtain the things that you want. Do not be shy, you can have more than one of these at a time, Oprah and Jillian Micheals has several they are working on at once. Yes, I am aware they situation is different than ours, but, they have them and use them as a great tool to accomplish and achieve the things that they want. They do work, I am working on my fourth one right now. When you do this, don’t think of it as a major chore, think of it as something fun. Cut out photos of every  thing you want and glue them to the board. This shows the intent and also keeps you focused on the goals that you want.

Many Blessings to you and yours,